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Need Help? Cheap Plumbing Services directory will connect you to servicers located near you. Experts in the plumbing field will place their ads here and ready their teams. As we get ready to launch, notify us of hard-to-find services in your community. We will try to reach out to fill those gaps. Cheap Plumbing Services is building a list to connect you to plumbing experts. Search for, "Cheap Plumbing Services" to find a fast, easily to reach, nearby plumber. They will take your call, listen, and if unable to help you over the phone, they will schedule service. If entirely booked, they may guide you to another Cheap Plumbing Services Member. We look forward to opening Cheap Plumbing Services site soon!

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A day in the life of a Service Plumber (#1)

Smedley Plumbing Here's our first of many day-in-the-life-of videos. We'll bring these to you every now and again to show just how random our days can be. On this day we installed an American Standard toilet that a customer had picked out. We installed two customer supplied Moen faucets. We re-lit and diagnosed an issue with a Bradford White water heater and then ordered a new repair part. We cleared a clogged drain line and diagnosed an issue with an old sewer line. Lastly, we repaired a defective sump pump discharge pipe. This is just another example of how random our day's can be. We never know what we're walking into each day but we're always prepared for whatever the day may bring.

Cheap Plumbing Services’ (CPS) mission is to provide a directory of exceptional plumbers, experts in the trade, who recognize the needs we all have when plumbing emergencies arise.  Discover plumber’s services in an article from WorkWave.com, becoming a plumber means abiding by stringent guidelines.

“Acquire Relevant Plumbing

Some states require that one must have a state-approved license before one can start working independently as a plumber. You can take up these exams while still studying and learning about different aspects of plumbing.

These certifications are not required to become a successful plumber, but they demonstrate your expertise and commitment to the field. Hence, you can
negotiate for higher pay. 

There are two main certifications you can earn:

Master Plumber Certification: This certification assesses your knowledge and skills related to installing, maintaining, and repairing plumbing systems and fixtures. To qualify for this certification, you will need several years of experience as a licensed journeyman/journeywoman plumber and passing
scores on the Master Plumbing exam
given by your state’s licensing agency.

Plumbing Contractor Certification: To become a registered plumbing contractor, you will need at least one year of experience working for someone else who holds this certification. To get your certification, you will have to take exams that test your plumbing and business skills.

Job Description for Plumbers

If you want to be a plumber in the US, your duties as a plumber include the following:
• Set up pipes and fixtures, including toilets and sinks, for gas, steam, water, air, or other liquids
• Install pipe, equipment, and fixture supports before installation
• Use hand and power tools to thread or bend pipe into the desired angle
• Join pipes using screws, plastic solvent, couplings, bolts, clamps, or soldering equipment
• Watch pressure gauges and fill pipes or plumbing fixtures with water or air to find and detect leaks
• Mark pipe installations, fixtures, connections, and passage holes in structures
• Inspect plumbing systems to evaluate condition and ensure proper operation
• Dismantle plumbing fixtures when necessary for repairs or replacement of parts
• Install or repair pipes by cutting holes in walls or floors
• Identify optimal work procedures by reviewing blueprints and building codes
• Repair broken pipe sections by cutting out sections of pipe from the broken sections with saws or similar cutting tools
• Follow state and local building regulations based on the plumbing codes
• Inspect worksites to ensure safety regulations adherence
• Prepare cost estimates for clients

Plumbers typically work in private homes or business offices, where they install or repair plumbing fixtures and appliances such as toilets or sinks. Plumbers can also work in commercial construction settings to design and build large pipe networks for sewage treatment plants or industrial water systems.

Plumbers should have strong customer service skills as they deal with members of the public daily. They should be friendly, courteous, and polite while performing their duties during visits to customers’ homes and businesses.

If interested in learning more about plumbing as a career, read more >>  WorkWave’s article “Plumber Salaries in Every State Complete 2022 Guide”

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